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Figuring out what you want is and exciting and sometimes overwhelming. The first step is to talk and get to understand more about who you are and what your needs are in this moment. Everyone is different. Every family is different. Every phase in life is different.
So how do we figure it out? We break it down piece by piece. I’m here to help you consider all the details before hand, so the photoshoot itself goes smoothly and we focus on you and capturing the moments you want to hold onto for a lifetime.
First we start with choosing the right type of session for you.

in the studio

in The Studio

Come visit my studio and enjoy the warm southern light falling through the historic windows of a 100 year old building. Set in the arts district of NE Minneapolis, the combination of century old brick and warm wood floors will create a neutral background to let your
story unfold.

on  location

on location

Choose from some of my favorite locations that Minneapolis landscape has to offer. From the hundreds of local lakes and parks to the urban settings of downtown and industrial landscapes, Minneapolis provides inspiring environments that compliment who you are and what excites and inspires you. Feel your best in the environment of your choice and create memories of these places that stand the
test of time.


in the home

We make so many memories in the spaces we live our lives in. Some people are expert nesters. Some people live to create spaces that people gather in and share a connection that could never be rivaled by another setting. If your home is where you’re most comfortable, let me come to you and tell your story in every detail you’ve created.